Self-Love Activation

Love For SELF

Self-love is a multi-layered concept. It’s intricately linked with a variety of concepts, for example honestly towards oneself, authenticity, feeling worthy, acceptance of self and being compassionate - to name only a few! 


However it also goes beyond these attributes, which are considered to be pillars upon which self-love is built. Self-love is only recognised as an important part of life, but we’re often unsure about what exactly is self-love, and how to simply love oneself. 


It all starts with you as an individual, and the willingness you have to love yourself, and how prepared you are to put the work in. It’s a beautiful yet challenging journey, which will be deeply healing and transformative on many different levels. 


As the journey towards self-love begins, you will very quickly find yourself confronted with everything that might be preventing you to simply love yourself. So, the journey towards self-love will require an incredible amount of compassion and patience. There is no quick-fix, it is a process that takes time that brings long term changes. The way you live your life - your decisions, reactions, and thoughts will eventually come from a place of love; self-love becomes your default setting. 


Ness has been on this path for the last ten years, and after doing deep inner work, she has successfully found the love within herself - Her mission was to awaken self-love, and to now share her gifts and abilities with the rest of her surroundings.

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