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Mary Magdalene equal to Jesus

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Channeling from Mary Magdalene by Ness

My dearest Starseeds,

I am Mary Magdalene, equal to Jeshua, Jesus as you call him on your planet. I want to talk about the importance of equality between Jeshua and I.

He represents the Divine Masculine (DM) and I the Divine Feminine (DF).

We are twin flames, divine counterparts and equally significant. Representing both these divine aspects.

Your history hasn’t portrayed a glorious picture of me, that is ok, people were not ready to embrace an empowered DF at this time. But now is the time.

The time to see yourself as equal to your partners, the time to see yourselves as equal to the Divine Masculine if you are a Divine feminine. The DF has suffered for many eons and we are now ready to restore her magnificence.

The planet is ascending

and no ascension can be done without the DF being fully and truly empowered. A true awakened DM understands this and encourages the healing and empowerment of its divine counterpart.

As you do the work on an individual level, it ripples through the collective.

Jeshua and I are equal, one is not better than the other, we both had our parts to play to convey the messages we have been assigned to bring and fulfil our souls’ purpose. Humanity will transcend this shadow as the ascension process evolves.

There will come a time when nobody questions the DM and DF equality.

We are one, from my heart truly.

I love you,

Mary Magdalene

Channeled by Ness

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