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Jesus Speaks: How to handle this sitution

Dearest Humanity,

You are at a crossroad that is unprecedented in your known history, this period has never been experienced in this linear time, although it has already happened.

We are happy to tell you from a higher perspective that what is going on your planet is the change necessary for a new world to be born, where Love, Connection, and Oneness will reign. From a linear perspective, this situation seems chaotic and uncomfortable; we understand your fears and worries, however, please know that on a higher plane the changes have already been done, and the change of power has already been completed.

What you are observing on your planet at this time is the desperate measures used by a falling paradigm trying every single trick they may have left to create chaos, fear, and disharmony amongst you.

This is strategically played out to destabilise the new Aquarian age and the population of this planet to create fear and chaos.

The fear is the essence used by the power at play to strengthen their ground and hold their power in place, like they did for millennia.

Humanity, the Earth, the power at play, including Us, the Service to Others Faction, played the game as this was the experience that was collectively chosen on your planet.

But this time has changed as well as the collective experience. Love is the vibration that is set to reside on your planet and with it, Oneness and the Christ Consciousness.

On a linear time, this takes a little adjustment to get there and this is what you’re experiencing at this time.

We are advising you to remain calm, release fears, and choose Love instead.

When you are in fear you are prone to the fear-mongering which keeps you small, little and anxious and this is what they, the power at play, have programmed you to do, react to everything through the lens of fear, for millennia, through sophisticated plans which were built to control the masses.

This is why you haven’t been told that you are powerful Creators and precisely why you ignore your true nature so you can rely on powers which are not loving and keep you low for their own benefits. Some of you have done the work and have been prepared but many will feel challenged and that is ok, we’re not here to judge and blame you, but we would like you to realise that you are loved beyond measured and understand who you are and stand strong and empowered by connecting to your eternal self.

Stay in your heart, know that on a soul level you have chosen to be here and experience this change.

We have provided humanity with many clues, teachings, channeling and tools to be able to move through this specific experience in your linear time.

It is now time to step up, rise and become the awaken being that you are.

Raise your vibration with gratitude, forgive yourself, forgive others including the people who are challenging you or have wronged you by asking yourself if it’s worth holding on to grudge and anger.

See your beautiful planet Earth being cleansed from any low vibration and see her shining brightly with love, light, and vigour.

See your communities coming together, see your families gathering, see yourself and all the people that you know thriving, and expanding in Love and kindness.

You are all in this together and we are helping you with other Beings of Light and your Galactic Brothers and Sisters in this new path you are walking on collectively.

We’re here to tell you that the upcoming months will be challenging for many but these challenges will help you free yourself from what no longer serves you and birth a new, more evolved self, should you use this time wisely to propel your growth.

Nobody else but you can do this work for you, you may read these words and get inspired however nobody else, but you can do the work. The high vibrational energies that are coming towards the Earth will help you, assist you and We will too, however, using your free will, your discernment, your guidance system, that everyone of you has, and your intuition will strengthen you from within, truly empower you, guide you in the right direction.

Love is key to your wellbeing and the key to all your answers at this time.

Don’t underestimate the power of Love, which is pure creation, the planet’s energy is aligning with Love so join this process and ride this wave that is offered to you at this time.

I am Yeshua, known as Jesus the Christ on your planet, the Guardian and the Keeper of the Christ consciousness, the Brother of all Humankind and bringer of a new dawn on the planet.

You are loved and blessed,


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