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Gaia's ascension

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Channeled message from the Arcturian Council by Ness


I am Nova from the Arcturian Council, we are coming through this channel today to bring about an important message.

As we approach the big shift, the event some of you like to call it, know that the energies will only intensify.

This is not to be regarded as negative but as a very positive thing.

This is a gift from Spirit to you

This huge influx of energy, which is a combination of celestial events, Divine energy, extra-terrestrial energies, among many other factors influencing this mass awakening and change to the planet, is part of a Divine plan and the next stage of Gaia’s evolution.

These energies allow you to ascend and surf these giant waves coming at you for your own soul evolution.

Most of you have chosen to ascend at this time

by taking full advantage of this rare event in our cosmos to propel yourselves into the next stage of your Divine evolution.

Whatever the purpose of your presence in this grand event, know that you are here for a greater outcome. Trusting your soul and embracing this process will bring about healing, letting go of resistance and therefore manifesting an acceleration of changes in your life. Resisting this change is impossible when the process has begun.

Gaia is ascending and you are ascending with her

So surrender Dear ones, embrace this gift coming to you.

We love you dearly and we enjoyed communicating with you immensely.

We will be with you again soon,

Nova, from the Arcturian Council

Channelled by Ness

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