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Advice from the Arcturians during the Coronavirus outbreak

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

We are the Arcturians and we are very pleased to speak through this channel at this time.

Your planet is going through a huge shift, never experienced before throughout the long history of your planet, our beloved Gaia.

The new Golden Age has dawned on you. You may feel unsettled and lost but this is only because you haven't been given the teachings and the tools to navigate such change.

Your habitual minds are retaliating but your hearts are cheering this change. We are asking you to follow your hearts and know that you will be allright in the end. You have chosen to come at this specific time on this planet to experience this great awakening you are going through collectively so understand that you are prepared on a soul level to experience this. Trust your own guidance, the silent intuition that is telling you that all is well.

There's no need to add extra fear and worry into the inevitable, the structures and the systems in place are crumbling down right now and this is for everybody's highest good includig our entire Universe.

We suggest you to relax and stay calm and know that what you are going through will be very positive for Humanity at large.

The liberty template is anchored now on Gaia, and by raising your vibration, opening your mind and heart, you can plug your energies in; within this healthy, organic, natural matrix.

As you plug yourself within the organic matrix, you will be guided using the natural 5D technology built in within you and raise yourself above the fear and panic most people are experiencing during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Love and blessings to our beloved human friends.

We are the Arcturians and we will speak with you again soon

Channelled by Ness

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