Meditation & Transmission

Transmissions & Healing Meditations

Ness offers Energy Transmission through powerful guided Healing Meditation. She channels high vibrational energies and frequencies such as unconditional love, light codes, sacred geometrical patterns and archetypes that are transmitted to you through the guided meditation. 

Visualisation is the technique used to receive transmissions that can activate strong sensations, visions, feelings and emotions. 

Ness connects with her Higher Self, Source, Gaia, and the benevolent beings of light such as Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Extraterrestrials, who assist her in facilitating the transmissions. 

Light Language codes can also be expressed during the meditation - these are particularly healing  and also activate the DNA. 


This transmission can be carried out via Skype, Zoom, or in person in Central London. Ness also accommodates transmissions for group sessions (A recording will be made and sent to you, giving you the possibility to listen to it in your own time). 


All you need to do is lie down, or sit comfortably on a chair during the healing meditation, and set your intention to be open to receive. 

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Quantum Healing & Ancestral Healing

During a quantum healing meditation, you will be taken on a journey within your own DNA to clear and release low vibrational energies such as shame, guilt, fear… as these no longer serve you. We will be clearing your ancestral bloodline from low aspects that have been passed down from generation to generation, including war-related trauma, famine, and more. 


This clearing will allow your Higher Self - your divine blueprint - to infuse your DNA, cells and entire being. You will become more aligned with your multidimensional self and your soul plan, all of which will assist you in your ascension process. 


We will invite benevolent beings of light, your Higher Self, Source Energy, and Gaia to assist us through the integration of Light Codes and Light Language, and activation of your crystalline DNA. This will all lead to the integration of your physicality and divinity. 


During this session, you can be seated or lying down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, simply allowing the words to wash over you. 

You may feel dizzy and tired after this quantum healing meditation - this is completely natural - so allow yourself to get some rest and drink plenty of water as the healing may take a few days to be processed. 

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1:1 Transmission &

Healing Meditation


60 min  /  £50

1:1 Quantum & Ancestral Healing


60 min  /  £50

Group Meditation & Transmission

Min 6 people


60 min  /  £20 each pers