Always Follow Your Heart

Ness Di

Awakened Light Worker assisting with the process of ascension through Self-Love

Ness is a Healer, Spiritual Coach, Light language Activator using Self-Love as the driving force to find balance within. She uses her intuition and empathic qualities to facilitate profound healing. 


She encourages positive transformation by helping individuals to find alignment with their authentic self and addressing deep-rooted issues such as lack of self-worth of self-acceptance. This ultimately leads to the discovery of self-love and the integration of both an individual’s divinity and physicality on Earth. 


Ness also offers to support to anyone on their path of ascension. A spiritual awakening can be challenging, and Ness offers a safe space for lightworkers to grow and develop along their newly discovered path. 

Ness was born with a range of abilities she didn’t realise she had until she experienced a dark night of the soul a decade ago which shook her to the core and set her on a new life trajectory, in alignment with her soul plan. After giving up trying to play by the 3D rules and fit in a society that wasn’t bringing her satisfaction, she finally decided to live an authentic life and embrace her life’s mission.


Like most intuitive healers, she had a challenging childhood, which was a blessing in disguise, that prepared her to become the lightworker that she always was. The experiences, growth, and learnings her life blessed her with, allow her now to help others in their mission.

She's trained as a Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Advanced Sekhem Healer, Meditation Coach, and as a Sound Healing Practitioner.

She's developed her own style of meditation mixing energy transmission, channeling healing words, and Light Language activation.

Ness Di_Founder at Life Mastery Hub